Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to my new blog.
Most of you who know me know that I have been approved for a sabbatical for the Fall, 2007 semester. The sabbatical I proposed (and that was accepted) is to explore alternative photographic processes, and to work in the studio doing my own creative work which utilizes these processes. When I resume teaching duties during Spring semester, 2008, I will have a solo exhibition of my sabbatical work at the campus gallery, and also start writing curriculum for a class in alternative process photography.
My sabbatical officially starts at the beginning of Fall semester, 2007. However, I am not going to teach summer classes. That means that after the current semester ends (about three weeks from now), I will have about eight months off before I return to teaching. I’ve decided to use the entire eight month period to concentrate on studio work, research, hopefully some travel, and enjoying daily life without the distraction of going to work every day. Pacing myself in this manner will give me the freedom to explore ideas and processes fully without worrying as much about approaching deadlines.

I’m required to keep a fairly detailed record of my progress during my sabbatical, and that’s where this blog comes in. I figure that this will be an ideal way to keep a record of my progress. I’ll be able to post finished work, as well as work in progress and the (hopefully) rare dead end. I’ll discuss the processes I’m exploring, and share what I’ve learned so that people who are interested can look here for advice and info. I want this blog to serve as a journal of the creative process, from idea to finished piece. If it works out, I’ll likely keep it going, even after my sabbatical ends and I return to work.

I’m hoping that my family, friends, work colleagues, and anyone interested in art and photography will find this blog entertaining and useful. My plan is to update at least once a week, and more often once I figure out what I’m doing here. As this blog takes shape, look for links to interesting art and photo sites, examples of my work (both new and old), and the occasional off-topic discussion.

Let me know what you think. Your comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.


billberger said...

go T dog odtog

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler:

I will certainly use your site for my Art Appreciation/Art History Classes next semester! I find your art quite interesting and love that you are going to experiment with some "old" and "new" media/techniques!

I'll check your blog during the Summer/Fall Semesters!

Have fun!