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Yearbook, 2013
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Society 6 Sale!

Society 6 is having a sale: $5 off every item, and free worldwide shipping through Dec. 14. I have a bunch of collages and other pieces there, which can be made as prints or t-shirts. Use this code when ordering.

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Cranbrook Holga

These photos were shot on the campus of the Cranbrook Academy of Art in February, 1998. I was a student there at the time, working on my MFA in Photography. These were shot with a toy Holga camera, borrowed from one of my classmates.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shooting Pool

Collage of vintage and new photos, wallpaper, and old paper.

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Collage on paper, made about a month ago.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Devon Ave.

I spent a couple of hours today shooting along Devon Ave. on Chicago's far north side. Devon is a really interesting street. Best known as an Indian/Pakistani neighborhood, it's actually a multicultural area, with Russian, eastern European and Islamic businesses scattered among the Indian and Pakistani markets and restaurants.
Most of my shooting today was with my vintage flipped-lens Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. I shot color film, so it has to go to a lab for developing. If those turn out, I may post some later. I had my digital camera with me as well, and here are some shots I made with it.

I Am

Instant film lift of a digital photographic image.

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Montreal and Quebec Panoramas

I vacationed recently in Montreal and Quebec City. While there, I made several photographic panoramic scenes. I like the collaged look of these, and intentionally do not make any attempt to seamlessly join them. While some people call this type of photographic work 'joiners' or 'Hockneyesque' (after artist David Hockney, who has been making work like this for decades), I usually call them panoramas. Here's the best of the panoramas I made on this trip.

The Terrace Dufferin and Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City.

The Montreal skyline, seen from Parc du Mont Royal.

View of the St. Lawrence Seaway from the Governor-General's residence in La Citedelle.

 View of Parc du Mont Royal.

Place Royale, Quebec City.

Rue St-John, Quebec City.

Quebec City.


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Riding the Train

On vacation, shot while on a train somewhere between Quebec City and Montreal. 

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I'm Back! (Kind Of)

After taking a very long (1.5 year) break from this blog, and shutting down my other blog, I've decided to revive this one. For now, I plan on posting the art-related content of You Fill Me With Inertia, my Tumblr. I use my Tumblr page to continue the photo a day idea from my other blog, along with old postcards, odd old ads and photos, interesting art, and other odds and ends.  I describe it as “absurdity, ephemera, and art”. This blog, for now, will be just the art, and none of the other stuff. Later, I may do a few longer posts, and resume posting about various technical details about artmaking as I have in the past.

So, the few of you who have followed me here can expect semi-regular updates, for now.

Here's where you can find me online:

Lightbender-My work, work of others, discussions of art and artmaking
You Fill Me With Inertia-My Tumblr: absurdity, ephemera, and art
FLickr- My work, arranged in albums
Facebook-My artist Facebook page.
Society 6-Purchase prints, t-shirts, etc. of my work here.

Inactive sites:
A Photo A Day-Mo longer active, but the blog is still up as an archive
Etsy-nothing there now, but I may try it again at some point.