Friday, June 22, 2007

Work in Progress

I've had a pretty productive week, although I don't have anything to show you right now.
I spent a few hours in the Field Museum here in Chicago shooting museum displays. The Field Museum is a natural history museum full of taxidermied animals and dinosaur bones, etc. This is the second time I've shot there. I went in March, and mainly concentrated on closeup shots of dioramas and objects on display. This time, I shot entire displays, and did pieced together panoramic views. Some of these will likely show up as Polaroid lifts.
In addition, earlier this week I made some images in Photoshop and shot slides of them to use when making Polaroids for use in transfer processes. Rather than describe what I'm doing, I'll just wait until they're done and post some scans.
I also tried some inkjet transfers (they were a dismal failure). These have been more difficult than I anticipated, but I should be getting some help soon. Someone I met online (Yahoo has a mail group for people working with inkjet transfers) contacted me, and we're going to teach each other. I need assistance with transfer processes, she wants to work with cyanotypes, VanDyke Brown prints, etc. She teaches workshops on transfer processses, so she'll be a good source of info. I'll post scans of inkjet transfers once I get some good ones.
Meanwhile, I've got lots of slides to shoot if I'm going to make Polaroid lifts of the photos I took in the Field Museum.

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