Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vacation photos

I’ve decided to post a few vacation photos here. That’s not the focus of this blog, but a few won’t hurt. After a few days recovering from jet lag, catching up on grocery shopping, laundry, and all the other tasks and errands that need to be done when returning from vacation, I’m just starting to get back in to the rhythm of studio work. I’m working on making digital negatives, and while I’ll report on my progress here, I most likely won’t have any work to show until I start printing from the negatives I make, which will be at least a couple of weeks from now. So, some shots I took on vacation will give you something to look at while I work on other things in my studio.

These photos were all taken in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an incredibly photogenic city, it’s hard not to get good photos there. That’s the problem. Good shots are easy to get, but they all start to look like postcards after a while. Add to the fact that I was in vacation mode, not work mode, and the end result is nice looking photos that I’ll never use in my serious work. I’m ok with that, this trip was intended as a vacation. I’ve got other travel plans this fall that are work related. I’ll concentrate on shooting more serious images then.

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