Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some Recent Work

Here’s some recent work. These images were all shot at the
Musee Mecanique, which I visited when I was in San Francisco last month. I’m thinking of doing some sort of large grouping of prints made from images I shot there, but that hasn’t gone past the ‘thinking about it’ stage yet.

As always, I’ve been working in the studio, keeping busy with beginning gum bichromate prints. I’m trying to calibrate, adjust transfer curves, and determine exposure for three different colors, which is proving to be very time consuming. I should be able to post my first results soon, even if I’m not quite ready to make my first real prints yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing lots of printing in cyanotype and Van Dyke brown, and am about to start some more Polaroid lifts and maybe Polaroid transfers. I haven’t worked with Polaroid since this past summer, so it will be fun to return to it.

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