Friday, September 5, 2008

More From The Postcard Project.

Here's a couple more of the reworked postcards I wrote about in the last post. I've completed revisions on six of them, and more are in progress. As mentioned in my last post, I'll probably end up reworking about a dozen of the original 35 cards I made in 1988.

The reworked postcard at the top of this post is my favorite one so far. I used a scan of a piece of wallpaper for the background, and I really like what it adds to the piece. The floral print seems to give the piece a homey feel, and I like how that contrasts with the grainy, black and white of the foreground text and image. The text and image in this piece came from a 1950's era textbook, and leaving it black and white retains a little of the clinical feeling those types of books have.

Here's the photocopy of the original postcard I started with.

Here's another of the remade cards.

This one's not my favorite. I don't dislike it, but it doesn't seem to have the same spark that the others I've finished have. I think it's the background. I wanted it colored, as leaving it white seemed too stark. I didn't want a busy background, however, so I went with gray. The gray is bothering me, so I may end up revising this one further.

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