Monday, June 14, 2010

McCord Collaborations

This is my final post of images from my exhibit with Dan Jarvis currently on display at McCord Gallery. The exhibit goes until June 26, so you still have time to see it.

These pieces are all collaborative pieces between Dan and myself.

The working method was pretty simple. I shot a roll of film, purposefully underexposing it by one full stop. I concentrated on shooting the same sorts of images as my work in the show, images from old magazines.

After shooting, I wound the roll slowly into my camera (to leave the leader exposed), and gave the film to Dan. He shot the same film, also underexposed, concentrating on signs and suburban scenes.

The film was developed, and scanned in long strips. Dan and I chose pieces from these strips of scanned negatives to print.

Keeping with the experimental nature of these pieces, we did minimal adjustments to the scans. Dust, color shifts (it was expired film), etc. were considered part of the images and largely left intact.

We made large (approx. 13 X 19 inch) archival inkjet prints of these images (and a couple more not seen here) and hung them unframed in one of the rooms at McCord Gallery.

These turned out better than Dan and I were expecting. We actually like them quite a bit, and are thinking of doing a similar collaboration in the future.

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