Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes, It's More Collages!

Here's a few more of the collages I've been working on this summer. I love this first one, I threw it together in about ten minutes right before bed a few weeks ago, and think it turned out good.

I've explored these themes a lot in the past, but the simplicity of this collage is new. 

This collage was made pretty spontaneously. The smoky or cloudy photo with the hand cut out was about to go into the recycling when I realized it looked interesting. From that thought to finished collage was about five minutes.

Mmmmmmm, this ones's ok, I guess.  It sat unglued for several weeks in my studio while I decided whether or not it needed something else added, but every time I tried it looked bad, so I finally called it done and glued the figures down to the photo. The figures were leftover from an illustration in an old schoolbook. I needed the background for this collage. I shot the photo behind the figures in Amsterdam in 2007.

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