Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Favorite Photo 2016

Carniceria, Lima Peru 2016

I just submitted this photo to Lenscratch. Lenscratch is a really great photo blog, full of really interesting photographic work. They do open submissions several times a year, and their current one asks for the favorite photo you shot this year.

This is my favorite from this year. I shot it on the last day of an amazing vacation in Peru this summer. It was shot in Mercado Centro, a huge market hall near Chinatown in Lima's old city center full of narrow hallways crowded with vendors selling all sorts of foodstuffs.

The day I shot this happened to be Fiestas Patrias, the Peruvian national Independence Day. It was also inauguration day for Peru's newly elected president. About 25 feet away from this booth, there was a tv hanging from the ceiling that was broadcasting the inauguration ceremony live (the ceremony was actually occurring just a few blocks away).  The butcher was so intently watching the inauguration on the distant tv that I don't think he even noticed me snapping his photo.

Lenscratch will publish their best of the year exhibition on Jan. 1. I'll post links here when it does (assuming my work is there-I actually submitted this a day late!).

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