Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've added a few links to the blog, and thought I'd comment briefly on them.

Alternative Photography
A really interesting site. It has detailed descriptions of numerous alternative photo processes, mainly archaic printing processes. There is also a large gallery full of images made using these processes.

Cranbrook Academy of Art
My alma mater, a great school I'm glad I had the chance to experience.

Moraine Valley Commuity College
The school where I teach. I love teaching there!

One of the best photography sites I've seen. Their bookstore has the best inventory of photo-related books you are likely to find. The gallery has lots of interesting work.

Square America
A gallery of vintage snapshots and vernacular photography. Very cool.

Sugarbeet Bags
My younger sister makes and markets these one of a kind bags.

The Dollmakers
This is my mom's and older sister's webpage. They make fine art dolls and sell them at art fairs and galleries around the country. Making art runs in the family!

In other news, my daylab (actually a Vivitar slide printer) arrived today. I'm going to start shooting some slides tonight or tomorrow so I can start working with it.

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