Monday, March 10, 2008

I’m Still Here

Long time between updates lately. I’m going to try to update more often, I’ve just been sidetracked recently. First was preparation for my upcoming exhibit. I’ll post more on that soon. Basically, I’ll be showing work made during my sabbatical. Much of it has appeared on this blog, so for those in the area, you can go and see the work in person. There will be at least 30 pieces in the exhibit. so cutting mats and assembling frames was very time consuming.

Then, I got sick. I still don’t know what it was. I thought it was a cold at first, then the flu. All I know is that for a week and a half, I had a severe sore throat and very congested lungs with lots of coughing. I was a little feverish at times as well. With all of that, my studio work ground to a halt. I’m pretty much over being sick (still have a bit of a cough), all the work for the show is framed and ready to go, and I’m on spring break. I’m hoping to spend the coming week relaxing and working in the studio.

Here’s a couple of recent pieces. The first is a cyanotype print of an image shot with my Holga camera last October. It was taken in Japantown in San Francisco.

I like the print, but it doesn’t really fit with the other work in my show, so for now this is the only place you’ll see it.

Here’s two Polaroid lifts, These were made while demonstrating this process to some of my students. They turned out pretty well, so here they are. These would easily fit thematically into my upcoming exhibit, but I’ve already got more work than I need to fill the gallery. So, like the cyanotype above, this is the only place you’ll see these.

This one was taken at the Communist Sculpture Park in Budapest. Readers of this blog have seen several photos teken there.

This one is a closeup of the hand of an accupunture model in a Chinatown shop window in San Francisco. Just like the last image, nothing new here for people who have been reading this blog.

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