Friday, May 9, 2008

Pineapple Baby And Friends

Here are three cyanotypes I made really quickly earlier this week. They are greatly enlarged scans of parts of small collages I threw together quickly a few months ago at school.

The original collages, and these prints, are meant to be a joke and not serious work (although I kind of like the faux Dada look of these cyanotypes) . This semester, myself and a few of my students have been making collages out of notepads bought at a dollar store. These note pads are decorated with tacky-creepy photos of babies dressed as pineapples and grapes (a sort of bargain basement Anne Geddes look). As the collages are made, they get taped to the computer monitor in the photo classroom at school, to the delight or annoyance of everyone that uses the computer.
I’ve been working with a few independent study students on alternative photo processes this semester, and we had end of semester critiques of their work on Wednesday. I made these prints and put them with the work being critiqued as a joke.

So, my first semester returning to teaching post-sabbatical is nearly at an end. Final exams are next week, then I’m off for the summer. It’s been a busy semester, with my exhibit last month and my usual teaching duties. I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer, and a return to focusing on studio work, which has been pretty much nonexistent for the past month or more.

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sonictruth said...

pinneapple baby 4 lyfe.

have fun in the studio t dog.