Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cyanotype Bookmarks

Recently, I’ve been making cyanotype bookmarks. I got the idea when I was cleaning my studio a couple of months ago, and found a bunch of scraps of paper left over from making prints. They were too small to do anything with, and to be honest, I don’t know why I saved them.

I made a few designs, then got busy with other things and forgot about them. Wanting to return to studio work after a long absence, I started working on them again this past weekend. As of this writing, I have fourteen different designs printed, and have digital files of about a dozen more that I’ll make the negatives and prints for soon.

I wasn’t planning on doing much with these besides giving them to friends. They’ve turned out better than I expected, however, and the couple of people I’ve showed them to were pretty enthusiastic. So, I’m going to try selling them. I’ve just opened a shop on, and I’ll be listing some bookmarks there soon. I’m planning on selling them for $5 each. I won’t get rich, but it’s fun making them, and I might sell a few.

These are all bookmark sized (about 1.5” X 7.5”) and will be an unlimited run. I’m considering selling larger versions of these images as well. These would be prints (about 18” X 3.5”) and would be in an edition of 25 for each image.

Working in such a long, narrow format was sometimes challenging compositionally, but I’m happy with the designs I’ve come up with. Because I wasn't treating these like serious work, I had some fun and did things I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

I’ll post more of these bookmarks in a couple of days.

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