Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pareidolia Collages

Here are some recent collages, made over the summer. I've been playing with this idea on and off for a while, and posted some of them here and here back in April.

These pieces started as a way of paring down collages to essential elements.  I'm combining an old snapshot with a face from a magazine to explore ideas of pareidolia

They aren't terribly difficult to create, but they are more time consuming than you might expect. The 'right' pairing of two unrelated images can be elusive.

I'm not sure where these will end up. A few of them have some annoying wrinkles (thin magazine pages don't hold up well to being coated with glue), so I'm not sure if I want to pursue an exhibition. I'm really enjoying making them, however,  so much so that most of my attempts at making more traditional collage pieces over the past few months have failed. The simplicity here is what is appealing to me.

For now, I'm making more of these, and mulling over what the end result will be.

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