Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Now that I have the technical issues worked out when printing negatives, I’ve been busy making prints over the past several days. These are all cyanotype prints, made with large negatives printed on my inkjet using Pictorio transparency, which I mentioned in the last post. I shot them quickly by tacking them up on a board and hand holding my digital camera. As a result, they aren’t perfectly square, but they’ll give you an idea of what I’m working on.

This photo was taken in the Communist Statue Park in Budapest (as was the photo in my last post). When Communism ended in Hungary, all the Communist-era statuary was moved to a plot of land at the edge of the city for tourists to enjoy. I took a lot of photos there, it’s likely that more of them will end up being printed. The day I was there it was really sunny, so I used the sun in this backlit photo.

This was made with my Holga toy camera. It’s two photos collaged together and printed as a single image. The statue sits in front of a liquor store in Oak Lawn, IL.

Here are couple of images made with my 4-lens Nishika camera. That camera is meant to make lenticular images, but I’ve been using it to explore subtle changes in viewpoint. I’ve also been taping various plastic pieces over some of the lenses to distort and obscure the resulting image, and experimenting with using the camera to make panoramic images.

This photo was taken in a used car lot. I love the clouds in this one.

This photo was taken in Chinatown last May. I was just in Chinatown last weekend, and it looks like this building is being converted to condos, something I predicted would happen several years ago.

I’m still going strong with cyanotypes, I have a couple of negatives in process that I’ll pe printing onto transparency today. I’m also about to start working with a couple of other printing processes, namely VanDyke brown and gum bichromate. I want to play with toning cyanotype prints to shift the color as well. I’ll post more prints as I get them done.

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