Monday, April 7, 2008


Here’s a few interesting links:

Unblinking Eye
A poorly designed website, but it has a lot of info on alternative process photography, and lots of links to other art and photo sites.

The American Museum of Photography
This visually busy but interesting site contains thousands of (mostly old) photographs arranged in galleries of various themes. Included are galleries of manipulated and trick photography, including spirit photography and photomontage, a collection of carte de visite, photos taken in Japan from 1850-1890, and many other themed collections.

Digital Photography Review
If you’re thinking of buying a digital camera, make sure you check out this site. You’ll find reviews of hundreds of camera models, and they are the most detailed reviews I’ve read anywhere.

Not photo or art related (although it could be). This is the website for a postcard exchange project. You send postcards to random people around the world. For every one you send, you get one in return. It’s like having a short-term pen pal. Some people make handmade postcards to send (that’s how it becomes photo or art related).

Check out all the links at the right side of this page. Hopefully you’ll find something that interests you.

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