Saturday, February 25, 2012

Instant Film Collage

These are collages made from discarded instant film prints. Most of these discarded prints are the detritus left when making instant film transfers. When making transfers, the peel-apart Fuji film (very similar to Polaroid film, which is no longer made) is peeled prematurely, and the usually discarded paper backing is placed face down on a receiving surface and pressure applied to transfer the dyes containing the image. This process leaves a print which has very little visible image (as the dyes have not transferred to the print), but often has interesting textures and colors.

The alternative process photo class I taught last fall made instant film lifts and transfers, and I gathered up  a bunch of the discarded prints. The prints are small (about 3.75 X 4.25 inches), and I was interested in making mini-collages on them.

The small size works well with the uncluttered, minimal feel I've been aiming for with my recent collages.

I also like the white borders which frame the collages and emphasizes the photographic origins of these pieces.

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Susan Stayer said...

That's a great idea! Why not put them to good use!