Thursday, December 6, 2007

Polaroid Lifts: The Sequel

While working on the endless tests for gum bichromate printing (see the two previous posts), I made some Polaroid lifts as well. These are the first lifts I’ve made since his summer, and it was fun returning to this process. Nothing much needs to be said about them, so I’ll keep comments brief.

This photo was taken in he Exhibit Museum in Ann Arbor last summer. I’ve shot in that museum several times, and always get good photos there.

This photo was taken in the Communist sculpture park in Budapest. I’ve worked with several images I made there, which you’ve seen if you've read older entries in this blog.

This photo was made at the Aquincum ruins in Budapest.

These photos were made at the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco. The first two are close-up shots looking into old arcade games. the third one is photos of an antique love tester game.

The photos used in this transfer were taken at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It’s two separate photos transferred one a a time to make the finished image. I like this one a lot better than the larger Field Museum panoramic images I posted here.

Two more Polaroid lifts.

These were both shot at Fairyland in Oakland, CA. It’s a surreal amusement park for young children. I visited with my niece, as they won’t let adults unaccompanied by children to enter. I made negatives of both these lifts, and used them to make VanDyke brown prints. I’ll post those in a few days. Meanwhile, it's back to work figuring out gum bichromate printing.

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